When I got pregnant I knew that I wanted to have our baby at home. After interviewing a few local midwives, I knew that Christy was the one for us. Christy was always a quick phone call or text away if I had any questions or qualms. I loved that she came to our house for the prenatal appointments, she always took her time with us and it was great to have my husband there for the appointments too. When the day came, I couldn't believe it and I was a little scared. Christy was very reassuring and she made me feel so confident. While in labor, Christy was perfect. She said the right things at the right time, and she let me be in control, and guided me when I needed it. I'm so glad that we could all share Beau's birth together. I look forward to having more babies and having Christy attend the births. 
~ Sarah C. 

I get teary-eyed every time I think about Ginni being 2 this May. To think my whole world changed watching Amanda go through so much pain and this tiny little person coming out. I'll never forget the day that I caught my baby Ginni on her way out. She cried for just a moment, and then we just gazed at each other. That was the most beautiful moment I had ever experienced. I wouldn't have gotten that in a hospital. Thank you Christy for letting me be a part of my little one's first moments. 

- Dean E. 

After two cesarean births - the second of which left me with PTSD - and knowing that I would receive more of the same from any OB, I was ready for something different. Out of the many midwives I contacted, Christy stuck out to me not only because she had experienced a VBAC herself and was willing to help me, but because she harbored no irrational fear of the process, and never used the word "attempt" in conjunction with VBAC. Throughout my prenatal care, Christy proved to be very knowledgeable (more so than any OB I'd hired!), and helped me several times to alleviate physical prenatal discomforts. I was most impressed with her ability to calm my fears, not just with blind faith in my body, but with well-researched facts. She was always sensitive to my specific needs, and very respectful and gentle with any physical contact. During labor she was a quiet, reassuring presence, as were her assistants. Though I insist to this day that I couldn't have had my HBA2C without her, she continues to affirm that it was all me. 
~Heather B. - HBA2C Mama

After two horrible doctor supervised pregnancies and hospital births, I was tired of not being in control of my pregnancy and delivery decisions. Then I had the pleasure of working with my wonderful midwife, Christy. She coached me through my pregnancy questions, focused on helping me to understand nutritional needs for myself and baby, and honored all of my delivery wishes, giving me the most comfortable home water birth imaginable. Now I am hooked! And I will keep coming back to have Christy accompany me through my future pregnancy experiences. 
~Kambria S., Certified Respiratory Therapist 
(P.S., Kambria traveled down from Idaho to birth her next baby with me as well, Spring of 2013!)

I have met and worked with many midwives with very different backgrounds and I would have to say Christy is probably the most up-to-date and well-informed midwife I have met. She is incredibly passionate about supporting babies and women during childbirth. During our lengthy prenatal visits, we often discussed the latest research and all of the resources for home births. Christy was caring, compassionate and extremely knowledgeable. When it was time for the birth, Christy provided quiet reassurance that my baby and my body were doing just what they needed to do. I was thrilled to feel my son's head and then support his body as he emerged, while Christy calmly observed from nearby. She truly supported my desire to have a peaceful and independent water birth. Also, Christy's birth tub is the best I have used. It was large and had firm sides to provide additional support for changing positions during labor. After my son was born, Christy waited patiently and unobtrusively for a long time while I enjoyed the water in the tub with my new son. When we were finally ready, Christy did a routine newborn exam, explaining everything to my children along the way, and she even helped my oldest son weigh the new baby. She was remarkable, especially since it was the wee hours of the morning. My kids are hoping we will have another baby at home and are ready to call Christy again! 
~ Dannelle L., Professor of Developmental Psychology 

Christy is awesome. My first birth was tough and exhausting, but Christy did an amazing job helping me through it. So naturally we wanted her for my second birth. Christy introduced me to water birthing, and it made it quite a bit easier. I was very thankful for that. Christy is so great and feels like family to us. She's super nice and very knowledgeable. She's an awesome midwife and I am very grateful that we were referred to her. 
~Crystalle A. 
(P.S. Crystalle is currently expecting her third baby in Summer of 2014, and has asked me to attend again!) 

God brought Christy into my life in 2007 through a friend. I have absolute confidence in her when I call in need of answers with pregnancy or the birthing process. Her answers are based on research and knowledge, which I find to be totally trustworthy. For prenatal appointments she gives me her full attention. She concentrates on everything from physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. She has a strong belief, based on her studies and faith, that God's design for women's bodies and their ability to give birth is perfect. This statement by her has encouraged me several times over the past year. During birth, Christy has a very well balanced approach to hands-on when needed, and knowing when to step back and let the woman's body and the baby be. She is wonderful with involving the children when appropriate. She also sympathizes with the husband and knows how to direct him in a way that is helpful to the wife in time of labor. Christy is a very caring individual who would sacrifice anything she could to help those in need. She does this without regret or fear of what others might think of her. My friendship with her is a blessing to me and my family. She will be a blessing to all those who meet her in the future.
~ Janna S.