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Some quick facts about Christy: 

I have the lowest hospital transfer rate in town. This comes with an excellent relationship with Dixie Regional Medical Center. 

I provide families with the most affordable home birth rates in town, with multiple discount options to choose from. I believe that the decision between home and hospital should not be made on financial reasons alone. 

My practices are based on empirical research, and I encourage my clients to do research as well. We are co-caring for your pregnancy!

I provide my local clients with all in-home prenatal and postpartum appointments, worked around your schedule. 

I have extensive knowledge and experience with Vaginal Birth After Cesarean (VBAC)...including my own!

I provide my waterbirth tub for your use in labor and birth at no additional cost, other than the purchase of a liner. 

I encourage partners to be as involved as they desire in the birthing process. I am thrilled when a partner wants to catch the baby!

I provide each potential client with contact information of former clients, to get a clearer perspective of my care. 

Initial consultations are always free - even if you would like a followup meeting after our initial consult. I know that this can be a heavy decision, and I want families to feel 100% confident in their choice of care provider. 

Pregnancy, labor and birth is a catalyst journey in a woman's life. Why not make it a journey filled with empowerment, education, joy, and individualized care in YOUR home?

All prenatal appointments are done in the comfort of your home, where all of your questions are answered without any rush. Your partner, parents, children can be involved as much as you'd like. Prenatals with me typically last 1-1 1/2 hours, depending on your needs. Evening appointments are most common, so that your spouse can be involved each time. 

What if your husband/partner could have as active a role as desired during labor and birth, rather than sitting on the sidelines waiting for someone to "allow" for participation? No "three-handed catches" if s/he wants to catch the baby. This can be an incredible experience of bonding for a family. The hormones in labor are the very hormones of love - oxytocin. Close involvement is encouraged at every step. 

You have these options when you give birth at home. You can have your children, pets, family, friends there with you for support and love ... or it can simply be you and your partner. You can give birth in whatever room you choose, in water or out. You are not treated as a sick patient, and that is simply because childbirth is not a disease or a medical condition. Pregnancy and childbirth are physiologic events in a woman's life, and the vast majority of the time it occurs without any problems whatsoever. 

The newborn exam is done gently and right next to mom. Baby never gets separated from mom - even as far as across the room. Mom, dad, and even older siblings are involved at every step. Baby is weighed in a soft sling instead of being placed on a hard scale. 

Giving birth at home is a great option for women with low-risk pregnancies (the definition of this can vary, so if you have any questions, please see the FAQs page) who wish to have tailor their experience to be gentle, loving, and intimate.

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